Afterglow: Compact, Orientable, Spacelike
The Two-Dimensional Shadow


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“Marked” combines traditional photographic techniques with contemporary digital processes, performance, and sculpture. The title “Marked” immediately refers to a prominent birthmark on my neck that has continually prompted verbal and physical abuse by strangers and appears in the work through the reproduction of its shape and color. Further, I am considering other “birthmarks” one could attribute to a body, specifically gender and race. I’m interested in how the “birthmarks” of gender and race have affected women through history and in confronting the ways in which this has undermined intersectionality in the history of feminism. I am visualizing these ideas in the production of the work through the masking of film with laser cut dark slides, the masking of my body with handmade skin-suits, and the marking of photographic prints as a means to represent the nuances of identity. The work oscillates between depicting vulnerability and privilege, employing various ways of representing the body as the primary subject to address the history and future of feminism.